Mistakes Are Part of the Process Vinyl Decal

Mistakes Are Part of the Process Vinyl Decal

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Mistakes are part of the process vinyl decal! Decal is 5 x 4.5 in.  

We use Oracal 651 for all vinyl decals. With proper care, Oracal 651 can last 4 years or longer. OUTDOOR/Permanent Vinyl CAN BE removed, however, decals are one-use only. If you remove a decal, you cannot reapply it.

***I don't recommend using Oracal 651 on painted indoor walls. It may not come off cleanly and will more than likely damage the painted surface.***

Oracal 651 can be placed on ALMOST any smooth, hard, dry surface. Surface ideas include plastic, metal, painted wood, glass, ceramic, etc. This vinyl will stand up to moisture, heavy use, or extreme weather condiitons. However, prolonged exposure to extreme conditions will accelerate wear and tear on decal and fade the color. Also, permanent vinyl is not designed to be immersed in water for long periods of time.

Made in United States of America