About Us

Thanks for stopping by IMMINDING CO! My name is Jonáe, a creative turned small business owner (designer, curator, accountant and every other hat, ha!) behind IMMINDING CO. Oh and stay at home mama! 

I worked in marketing for years. Always focusing on the creative for other businesses and non-profits. That's were I found my joy. But not my freedom. It inspired me to invest in myself and create a space where I could share my love of the eccentric, fun and thoughtful gifts with all of you! And remind people of the light they bring to this world. It was time to turn my passion into a reality and become an entrepreneur. 

I founded IMMINDING CO. with the simple goal of allowing customers the ability to access and support some of my favorite small businesses and artist. Those they might have otherwise never come across locally. As well as, a place to share my own designs and ideas in various mediums. 

With that vision in mind, I have personally curated a collection of quality gifts and gorgeous handcrafted items for you and your loved ones. I'm also proud to share with you gifts I have personally made for the store. From small adornments to breathtaking art, I want to bring a little something special to someone special like you! I hope my designs (and those of other small businesses) bring you joy, light & a good laugh!

If you’d like to get to know me more or see more about my creative process feel free to follow me on all social media platforms.


Have a sunshine day!

-Jonáe from IMMINDING CO.